Tomas Slavik wins another crazy urban race in Italy!

Tomas Slavik was able to take very solid win at MAD OF LAKE urban DH race situated at Lake Garda in Toscolano. Out of over 200 riders it was Slavik who took a win over 4 seconds ahead on very challenging course full of big jumps, high speed sections, narrow parts and technical sections. Italy really stepped up the game of urban races in Europe and we have to admit the organization was just great. 

“ When I was coming to Italy I just knew the track from videos and thought its gonna be just a piece of cake. Well, the truth was a bit different. The track was crazy fast, flat out everywhere with some big jumps in it, narrow parts and challenging technical section. I really liked the track, it was scary in some places but at the same time one of those save tracks I have to say. Really had blast riding this track and I was smashing lap after lap not stopping. Thats exactly the time when I feel great and I can be very fast. In quali I took a win by 4 seconds. Next day it started raining a bit and it was super windy…it really changed the game and I really tried to play it safe. My race run was really controlled and with no crazy moves, but at the long pedalling straights and high speed sections I was pushing real hard and came down first with over 3,5 seconds ahead. Really stoked about the win and really stoked to get my confidence on streets back after the hard slam in Chile 2 months ago. Good times! Im just shaking and cant wait to be back at next races. Feeling great! Thanks everyone helping me to get back on race tracks! “

Tomas Slavik winning run MAD OF LAKE 2019

Next stop for Tomas is one of the most difficult urban dh races in Mexico Down Puerto Vallarta, where Slavik was able to win back in 2017, in 2018 had a technical issue….lets see what 2019 brings :)

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Photo credit: Nicola Bonnaspetti, Mad Of Lake