name Tomas Slavik
age 29, born 12/06/1987
home Brno, Czech republic
nickname TS, Slava, Slavik
discipline Fourcross, DH, City DH, Dual Slalom, Pumptrack, Downmall
team GHOST bikes
Sponzors GHOST bikes, Red Bull, RSP mountainbike team, Eastern Gravity, Schwalbe, Kabuto, Five Ten, GoPro, SRAM, Rock Shox, Truvativ, Avid, DT SWISS, Thirty7even, Adidas eyewear, Ryno Power, Shaman racing

29-year-old Tomáš Slavík is regarded as one of best fourcross riders in the world. Coming from Czech Republic and racing for GHOST bikes. He is World Champion, King Of Cranworx, World cup winner, 4X Pro Tour champion and many times National Champion. Tomáš started racing 4X professionally in 2009 after performing well at Czech national level in the discipline and also in BMX racing as a junior.

Tomáš won became Fourcross World Champion already at 2010. In 2011 he became a World Cup winner and at the Pro Tour in its very first season in 2012, topping the men's rankings after winning every round of competition. In 2013 he was the most consistent and dominant rider on world series circuits. He won almost all races of 2013 and became 4X Pro Tour world series champion. From 2012 Slavik is standing on the throne of fourcross racing and thats why he decided to push his limits in other disciplines as City Downhill World Tour, Crankworx, Downmalls and many other events/disciplines where he is collecting medals and titles together with racing what he loves the most and its fourcross racing. He won almost everything so he set up the highest goal of mountainbikers career and thats competing for overall title at Crankworx. From the best mountainbike riders all over the world it was Tomas Slavik who was most consistent and who became KING OF CRANKWORX 2016. 

Tomas is very good brand ambassador in way of promotion, filming, shooting and creating projects for his sponsors and bike community. In cooperation with GHOST bikes and Red Bull he already came up with projects which are having milions of views. Tomas is cooperating with amazing crew from Czech Republic when he cooperates with Fullface productions for video and with Red Bull photographers Jan Kasl and Dan Vojtěch. With these amazing group of people he brought most of the projects for mountainbike community and also was able to win worlds biggest action sport competition Red Bull Illume with Dan Vojtěch in category CREATIVITY. 

Away from racing, Tomáš has a love of track building and is involved in building BMX and 4X tracks. In 2012, he filled up his dream and build up the biggest 4X track and in 2013 he organised the biggest race of a season called JBC 4X Revelations! This prestigious event is already having a big tradition in Czech Republic and its well know in mountainbike community all over the worlds. The numbers of visits are saying it all - in 2016 was attending JBC 4X Revelations over 12 000 spectators what is absolutely stunning number and its making this event the biggest gravity MTB event in Czech Republic. 


2018 Vice UCI WORLD CHAMPION 2018 in Fourcross
2018 Crankworx New Zealand Dual Slalom - 1st place
2018 Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 1st place
2018 Downmall Tour 2018 overall champion
2018 7th Crankworx World Tour
2018 4X Pro Tour - Czech Republic 1st place
2018 4X Pro Tour - Poland 1st place
2018 Copa de Downhill 4X Brazil 2nd place
2018 Crankworx New Zealand Air DH - 3rd place
2018 Crankworx Whistler Dual Slalom - 3rd place
2018 Downmall Tour Czech Republic 1st place
2018 Downmall Tour Hungary 1st place
2018 Downmall Tour Germany 2nd place
2016 2016 Downmall Champion
2016 4X Pro Tour 2016 4 races, 4 wins
2016 4X Pro Tour 2016 world series champion
2015 City Downhill World Tour 2015 vice champion
2015 2015 Downmall Champion
2015 JBC 4X Revelations 2015 winner
2014 JBC 4X Revelations 2014 winner
2014 4 wins at 4X Pro Tour 2014 WORLD SERIES
2014 Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2014 - 3rd place
2014 Arkady Downmall 2014 - 1st place
2013 4X Pro Tour 2013 WORLD SERIES overall winner
2013 4X Pro Tour 2013, 3 wins
2013 EURO 4X series, Germany - 1st place
2013 GHOST cup 2013, 1st place
2013 British 4X series, Falmouth - 1st place
2013 Japan Downhill, 1st place
2013 Eastern Gravity pumptrack - 1st place
2013 FORUM DualMall 2013, Liberec - 1st place
2013 Arkady Downmall 2013, Prague - 1st place
2012 4X Pro Tour 2012 WORLD SERIES overall winner
2012 Redbull PUMPRIDERS 2012, 1st place
2012 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012, Bronze medal
2012 4X Pro Tour 2012, 3 wins
2012 EURO 4X series, Germany - 1st place
2012 British 4X series, Leamington - 1st place
2012 Ultim8 Downmall 2012, Prague - 1st place
2011 Czech Cup winner 2011
2011 UCI World Cup, Italy - 1st place
2011 UCI World Cup 2011 overall 3rd place
2011 Crankworx 2011 - Giant Slalom 1st place
2011 EURO 4X series overall winner
2011 Snow DH Krippenstein 1st place
2011 Downmall 2011, Prague - 1st place
2010 European Vice-Champion
2010 UCI World Cup(Houffalize), 2nd place
2010 UCI World Cup(Leogang), 2nd place
2010 UCI World Cup(Val di Sole), 2nd place