Tomas Slavik fastest in Hungary at Downmall Tour


Downmall Tour in Europe is in a full swing and already 3rd round of Downmall Tour was taking place in Budapest, Hungary. Super short and technical track where it was really hard to make a difference. Tomas Slavik was the one who definitely made a difference even on such a short track and took home a big win.

“ The track was almost the same as last year. In Hungary its always really specific racing, its shortest track of Tour, very technical and once you make even tiny mistake its hard to fix it then on the track. Its very important to stay calm and “mistake free” on such a slippery surface. It was my first Downmall win this year and Im really happy about it. Next week its a final round of Downmall Tour in Prague, Czech Republic. I always love to race in front of home crowd, family, friends and Im really looking forward to it. Its always very special to me, it will be hard racing but Im absolutely loving it and I will try to make the crowd happy…”

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Photo credit: Norbert Szász, Red Bull Hungary