Tomas Slavik did a double win at GHOST Dual & 4X cup


Last weekend it was season opener for czech series of Dual and 4X called GHOST Dual & 4X Cup. Tomas Slavik was there and took a win for GHOST bikes in both events - Dual and Fourcross.

“It was a great news to me that there is a new fourcross series in Czech Republic about to start. Last 3 years it was a little bit struggle with races in Czech, but now situation turned upside down. New concept with Dual event on saturday and Fourcross event on sunday brought many riders to race against each other and show that our community is still strong as back in a day. Czech races made me a racer Im now and Im sure if this series will keep going it will bring more talented and strong racers. From the first gate dropped down I just felt like years before! Amazing fights for the lead, elbow to elbow, crashes…it was just so much fun to watch. The atmosphere was really friendly and free! Did hundreds of runs and I can say it was great training for me before upcoming world series races! Had great fun this weekend and props goes to all organizers. You did a great job!”

In 2 weeks time there will be already season opener of 4X Pro Tour world series in Winterberg (GER) where Tomas will be also participating in DH IXS german cup. For more information follow social networks of Tomas Slavik

Photo by: Martin Hule, Martin Rados, Jakub Urbanec