Tomas Slavik brings gold and bronze medal from Crankworx, New Zealand


Its been a busy week for the best riders all over the world because the first stop of Crankworx World Tour kicked out last week in New Zealand and four round battle for King Of Crankworx 2018 just begun! Tomas Slavik, The King Of Crankworx 2016 was taking part in 4 events and he was ALL IN. He was able to take a big win at Dual Slalom, tight 3rd place at Air DH and two 6th place finishes at Pumptrack and Speed N Style. Tomas Slavik is now at overall sitting at 3rd place and thats what we call a great start! Big highlight at Crankworx was fact that Slavik add to his speed aspects also trick aspects, because for the first time ever we could see Slavik upside down flipping every single jump at his all rounds. Pushing the limits - thats what Crankworx is about!

100% Dual Slalom - 1st place

Crankworx Air DH - 3rd place

Mons Royale Speed n Style - 6th place

Rockshox Pumptrack - 6th place

“Rotorua is always on of my favourite Crankworx stops and with the fact bringing back more Dual Slalom racing into Crankworx I was really looking forward to this Crankworx season opener in New Zealand. Every year the racing gets harder and harder…there always new guys coming, everyone is going faster, everyone sending bigger tricks and the level of riding is just rising non stop. Winning at Dual Slalom against Kyle Stait, taking 3rd spot at Air DH just 0,6 seconds off the first place its just such a great satisfaction for all the hard work I put in. Pumptrack didnt go by a plan for me, after finishing 2nd in quali I have done some major mistakes in my race run and ended up on 6th place, but still taking some good points for overall. The event Im the most happy about is Speed N Style. Its not in the way of result, but in the way of my performance, in the way of pushing my own limits. For the first time Im walking away with my head up or to be more exact with my head upside down. No matter how we call it flipping a big jumps was a new thing to me and so stoked to bring finally some “style” into my trick list. 6th place in the close fight at Speed N Style against winner later that day Martin Sodestrom is not a bummer to me at all.  Its time to say good bye New Zealand, had a blast here! Thank you to all my fans, friends and supporters around the track! Thank you guys! “


Dual Slalom highlights:

Air DH Tomas Slavik POV:
Speed N Style highlights:


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Photo credit: Boris Beyer, Marko Magister