Tomas Slavik back to back win at Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2018

No one will offence if we will call Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo the biggest and most prestigious urban DH race in the world. Title which is on wishlist of many DH, enduro, fourcross and urban lovers all over the world. Tomas Slavik after taking a big win last year was the thread to make it back to back win in 2018. After absolutely insane run Slavik really made it happen, his first ever back to back win in Valparaiso!! Tomas Slavik, 30 years old rider from Czech Republic is now written deep in #rbvca with 16 years old history!

“ Its been always dream to me to take a back to back win at Valparaiso. As I saw this years start list full of World Cup DH riders, EWS riders and especially previous winners of #rbvca I knew it will be harder then ever. At the same time I knew that races in the city got really specific in last years and the pace we were pushing last races just got into a whole new level of riding. As I saw the final times of riders going in front of me I knew that I will have to dig deep and leave everything I got on the track. Its very hard to go almost over your own limit and stay super precise at the same time, because consequences of making a mistake are huge. Im so happy that everything worked out for me and I was able to take back to back win. This place, this crowd and this event in general is something hard to describe without being there and seeing it on your own - its absolute energy boost, where riders are feeling like rockstars. Im so proud of the organisers and the mountain bike community in Chile, because this event should a role model for all other events in the world. Thank you guys and thank you Chile - I will be back… “

Tomas Slavik POV winning run #rbvca 2018
Tomas Slavik replay final run Red Bull TV
Replay of Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2018

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Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool