Slavik and his Nemesis - Worlds in Fourcross

Slavik is heading for the third title of World Champion in Fourcross and this year it was his main goal to get this title! All the preps and ambitions were heading to this event in Italy, Val di Sole. After being so fast at last events and his performance at last stop of Crankworx it was obvious that Slavik is a favourite for the rainbow jersey. Unfortunately seems like Worlds in 4X is his Nemesis and during really fast qualification run he had a hard crash in one of the turns and the dream was gone. Its a disappointment for Tomas, but also motivation for next year. The third title is gone for now, but not forever. 
“Unfortunately my front wheel dissaperad in deep dust and went down hard so as my dream dissapeared and fell apart at that moment during todays qualification for Worlds 2017. Im chasing this 3rd title for damn long time and I spent last 4 months waking up every morning, thinking and working hard to get this title again... I dont regret a second spent on my bike, in gym or working on my bike to be prepared as never before. I was ready, I felt fast and strong as never before, but things are just sometimes not going the way you want to even you try hard.It seems like a test to me, no matter who is testing me, its making me a better rider and better person, who will not fail this test! I wont be fighting tomorrow for the rainbow jersey, but Im walking away with my head up with knowing I did my best. Im so blessed to have such a great people around me... the reactions of riders and fans are almost making me cry. So proud of the 4X community which is standing strong behind me!! Im sad, but Im happy at the same time, because these times are just making me stronger and realizing how many good people is in our community - in our family. Just because of you guys, Im already living the LIFE OF A CHAMPION even without the rainbow jersey. Thanks goes to all my partners, sponsors and people standing behind me. Thank you and promise you guys, I will be back…”

Sport is sometimes unpredictable and especially in fourcross just anything can happen. Tomas is having now few weeks off and then he is getting back on his bike to get ready for upcoming season. First races are starting already at November with Urban DH events. For more info follow social networks of Tomas
photo credit: Boris Beyer