Tomas Slavik back on track and winning in Budapest

New year, new season and new goals! Unfortunately for Slavik first goal was to get back to the race tracks when he injured his knee 5 weeks ago. Slavik missed the 1st round of Downmall Tour in Frankfurt, but last weekend he decided to race in Budapest in 2nd round of Downmall Tour 2017. Not many people would bet their money on somebody going into race right after injury, but it was Tomas Slavik who took a win!
“ Its always hard to come back from injuries and I was coming to Hungary not for a result but especially for high quality training and to work my way out. There is always really fast riders who are preparing just for this Tour and they are making it very difficult to take a win. Track was really short and it meant every little mistakes counts and makes the result. I felt strong even though my left leg was a bit weaker, but still had great time riding and racing my bike. I set up the fastest run of a day already in semis and in final I did few tiny mistakes, but still it was enough for me to take a win. I was really surprised, but at the same time I was happy to be back racing and winning it. So happy! Next week its final round in Prague, where its always special for me racing in front of home crowd! Good times ahead! “
GoPro winning run Budapest 2017
Final round of Downmall Tour is this weekend in Prague. Even though Slavik missed the first round he is still in fight for the overall title. For more info please follow social networks of Tomas Slavik:
foto credit: Jan Kasl, Sebastian Sternemann, Palfi Balasz