Slavik wins the hardest urban dh race in the world - Valparaiso Cerro Abajo

Last weekend it was the time when the best urban DH racers gathers to put themselves to the test on the legendary and roughest city DH track in Valparaiso, Chile during Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo. The most prestigious event and mission for every city downhill lover! Tomas Slavik was once really close to take it home, but this year he really pushed his limits and made it work! Slavik took a huge win at quali and in dramatic final round he made amazing run and took a win with margin of more then 2 seconds! 

“ There is always 2 things which are making this event so special and unique - its the crowd and difficulty of the track. Ten thousands of people cheering for the racers fighting on the hardest, trickiest and most physical track makes this event a mission for every mtb athlete. I was very close few times, but never made it work. I was feeling great this year and really loved the track! I knew what to expect and in final run I just left there all I got in tank. I was really far out of the comfort zone and while I was crossing the finish line in pain I just saw that I got fastest time and this moment was such a relief. Im so stoked and happy. It was taking many years and finally got it! No words left… Thank you all fans, sponsors and not last to organisers, who are pushing this sport to another level. THANK YOU! “
GoPro POV winning run Tomas Slavik RBVCA2017
Trackcheck Slavik & Cruz RBVCA2017
Official highlights RBVCA2017
Next big event for Tomas Slavik is the season opener of CRANKWORX series in Rotorua where Tomas will be fighting to defend his title “King of Crankworx” from 2016. Keep your fingers crossed and for more information about Tomas Slavik please follow this social media.
Photo: Jan Kasl, Red Bull Content Pool, Gabriel Cherro, Jurgen Westemeyer